Drinking Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder: Gifts for dolphin lovers

Top 10 Most Unique Gifts For Dolphin Lovers

Feel free to express your affection with any of these Gifts For Dolphin Lovers.

Drinking Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder: Gifts for dolphin lovers
Our Selection Of Dolphin-Themed Gifts Will Delight Dolphin Lovers Of All Ages.

When it comes to getting gifts for loved ones and acquaintances, there’s usually a thin line between getting the right item or missing the mark completely. But your chances are better when you have an idea about what the receiver is passionate about.

For dolphin lovers or marine lovers, you are in luck because we have created a list of the top 10 most unique gifts for dolphin lovers.

Whatever species of dolphin they fancy: whether bottlenose dolphins, Amazon River dolphins, or even orcas, etc. we’ve got something for everyone.

Each of the carefully selected gifts below brings these gentle creatures to life in a way you have never seen before. Certainly you can bet that such gifts would be highly appreciated.

10 Most Unique Gifts For Dolphin Lovers

1) Whales And Dolphins For Kids. Oceans Of The World In Color

Whales And Dolphins For Kids: Gifts for dolphin lovers
Whales And Dolphins For Kids Book. Oceans Of The World In Color.

Though written for kids, this basic oceanology book is so much fun to read and easy to understand that all ages will enjoy it.

This graphic educational book is filled with wonderful images of the buzzing marine life, and each image is accompanied by important descriptive texts. The large beautiful photos are very clear, crisp and easy to see and understand.

Definitely a joy to have in any home.

It’s also ideal if you’re looking for something your child can use to complement school textbooks about the the oceans.

Even children that are too young to read will enjoy looking at the sharp pictures. This book is a great way to introduce whales and dolphins to children.

Secure a copy today!

2) Dolphins Fleece Throw Blanket

Dolphin Blanket: Gifts for dolphin lovers
Dolphin Fleece Throw Blanket

This Dolphin Fleece Throw Blanket is just what any dolphin lover would want to cuddle up in on cold days. They can also use it for picnics, camping, or just for those marathon TV days.

The blanket is ultra-soft, warm and cozy and particularly durable. This soft and large piece is printed in such vibrant colors that it brings the ocean right to you.

The exceptionally crisp print is just the right color and the quality is so good you can almost imagine the dolphins swimming right there beside you.

Machine washable and ideal for a twin-bed.

3) Elegant Handpainted Collectable Fine Arts China Porcelain Tea Cup Set

Elegant hanpainted China Tea Set
Elegant Handpainted Collectable Fine Arts China Porcelain Tea Cup Set

Looking for a gift for dolphin lovers with exquisite taste in craftsmanship? Then this would be one to consider.

This elegant hand painted collectable porcelain set is the perfect accessory that will bring elegance and style to any kitchen. The romantic theme also makes it perfect for a wedding, Christmas, or other special occasion gift.

The set is an undisputed showpiece of traditional Chinese craftsmanship. The materials used are of the highest quality with every detail carefully hand painted with long lasting vivid colors.

And who says you can only get it as a gift anyway? Why not treat yourself to one of these treasures and get rid of that old, heavy tea mug?

The complete set includes teacup, saucer, and spoon. The cup capacity is 180 ml. All items are dishwasher safe.

4) Drinking Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder Statue

Drinking Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder: Gifts for dolphin lovers
Drinking Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder Statue

This Drinking Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder Statue is irresistibly sweet, and whimsical.  This wine bottle holder is a corner piece addition to any collection and it’s sure to draw lots of attention and comments.

The Drinking Dolphin Wine Holder is ideal for tropical kitchens, beach bars, or as a part of your home décor.

It will draw chuckles and some laughs every time you look at it!  The bottle holder shows a gleeful dolphin relaxing on an ocean wave while drinking your favorite wine or other bottled drink. Also, the sculpture is so tastefully and intricately detailed that it would complement just about any kitchen or bar with a tropical décor theme.

This item is absolutely cute and it’s certainly another great option of gifts for dolphin lovers.

5) Dolphin Toilet Flush Handle Front Mount In Polished Chrome

Dolphin Chrome Plated Flush Handle
Dolphin Chrome Plated Flush Handle

Functionality meets elegance in this USA-Made chrome coated Dolphin flush handle that would be a perfect gift for any dolphin lover. That’s because it’s not just pretty: it’s actually durable and gets the job done too.

This chrome plated Decorative Toilet Flush handle will add a touch of nautical theme and oceanic wildness to any bathroom. Good quality shine without looking tacky. And though it looks expensive, this item is surprisingly quite affordable.

Very easy to install too!

6) Gifts Decor Dolphins On Waves Of Light Collectible

Dolphins On Wave Of Light Collectible : Gifts for dolphin lovers
Dolphins On Waves Of Light Collectible

The Dolphins on Waves of Light Battery Operated Collectible is a true work of painstaking craftsmanship and creativity.

Pictures of this item don’t do it justice: you really need to get one and see it for yourself.

The item features a frosted sculpture of a pair of dolphins riding on the crests of illuminated waves that gradually cycle through a rainbow of beautiful colors. It’s made from polyresin and mounted on a wooden base.

The spectacular light display is just perfect for a hall or entryway and will astound visitors as it changes color from shades of soft blues, to purples, to greens. The frosted dolphins don’t change color which further adds to the effect.

This is a truly beautiful selection among gifts for dolphin lovers or even collectors. Completely soothing and relaxing to look at.

Note that the batteries are not included in the package.

7) Sterling Silver Dolphin Heart CZ Necklace Pendant Synthetic Blue Opal

Sterling Silver Dolphin Heart CZ Necklace Pendant Synthetic Blue Opal
Sterling Silver Dolphin Heart CZ Necklace Pendant Synthetic Blue Opal

This sterling silver piece with simulated blue opal dolphin heart is sure to become a treasured keepsake for that special dolphin lover in your life.

This necklace with matching pendant is both elegant and playful. The blue color stands out so well from the silver and it’s just perfect for any collection. It comes with a 16″- 18″ adjustable box chain and a gift box.

An excellent quality gift that will add some sparkle to any collection.

Simply stunning.

8) Saiam 3d Lamp Desk Table Light Cute Lovely Dolphin Shapes 7 Colors

Saiam 3d Lamp Desk Table Light Cute Lovely Dolphin Shapes 7 Colors
Saiam 3D Lamp Desk Table Light Cute Lovely Dolphin Shapes 7 Colors

The 3D Lamp Desk Table Light creates up to 7 colors of amazing optical illusions in a unique lighting effect that will complement and accentuate you home décor.

Colors range from red, to green, blue, yellow, cyan, pink, and white with the option to have the colors change automatically or you can manually select the color you want.

This item is perfect for a bedroom, kids’ room, living room, a bar, shop, cafe, restaurant, and so on. Or just use it as a night light in your children’s room.

This unique decorative lamp creates the illusion of a cool hologram and makes a great gift for dolphin lovers whether adult, teen or a younger child.

9) Melissa & Doug Giant Dolphin Lifelike Stuffed Animal Nearly 4 Feet Long

Melissa and Doug Plush Dolphin
Melissa and Doug Plush Dolphin

A smiling, charming expression and a couple of bright eyes will have this dolphin swimming straight into your heart before you know what’s happening!

Melissa & Doug have created a friendly looking and very realistic sea mammal that’s almost 4 feet long from flipper to nose. What better way to bring your child’s imagination to life than this beautifully made and exquisitely soft plush toy?

This toy is perfect for play, learning, or just to have a life-sized friend to hug.

It’s totally worth the response you are guaranteed to get when your little dolphin lover receives this gift.

Excellent construction, durability and attention to details ranks this item well on our list of gifts for dolphin lovers.

And hey, adults are welcome to enjoy it too! After all you’re never really too old to enjoy such a large sized stuffed dolphin.

10) Lego Friends Dolphin Cruiser Building Set 41015 Discontinued

Lego Friends Dolphin Cruiser Building Set 41015 Discontinued
Lego Friends Dolphin Cruiser Building Set 41015 Discontinued

There are so many activities on this LEGO Friends ocean adventure that kids are guaranteed to have a swashbuckling time.

What’s not to love on this Dolphin Cruiser?

There are two girl characters Mia and Maya, and a boy character named Andrew. They embark on different adventures that allows your child to be as creative as possible:  from shooting down the waterslide, waterskiing with the personal water scooters, searching for dolphin friends with the sonar, or just lying in the sun on the chaise lounges after a busy episode.

Steer the boat with Andrew and take the girls for an exciting spin around Lighthouse Island!

There’s also a snack bar, and the captain’s deck for some serious partying. Also, facilities on this Dolphin Cruiser are complete with beautiful bathrooms and showers.

This is some seriously impressive luxury boat and your children will be thrilled to have it.

So go ahead and order as many of the above items as you need. That way, you’ll be getting dolphin products without harming these amazing creatures in any way. You can also check out our large selection of many items on our dolphin-themed store.

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