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25 Of The Best Dolphin Tattoos For Men And Women

Keep your favorite dolphin with you all day with these awesome Dolphin Tattoos.

As a marine lover, you are likely besotted with dolphins too. Those highly intelligent, friendly, Killer Whale Half Sleeveand playful mammals always bring a smile to everyone’s face.

If you want to see this amazing sea animal everyday, you don’t have to journey all the way to the ocean. Why not get a cool dolphin tattoo instead? It may be bold and fierce, or minimalist and cute.

We’ve got different species: from the sweet and playful bottlenose dolphin to the magnificent and fierce orca (killer whale).

Whatever you choose, our compilation of the 25 best dolphin tattoos for men and women will help lift your spirits all day long.

25 Of The Best Dolphin Tattoos For Men And Women

1) 3D Dolphin Tattoo.

3D Dolphin Tattoo
3D Dolphin Tattoo (Courtesy:

Realistic and life-like 3D dolphin tattoo around the belly button for women.

2) Infinity Love Dolphins.

Infinity Love Tattoo
Infinity Love Dolphins. (Courtesy: Allison Ryther on Pinterest)

Two dolphins swimming around and linked with hearts on a string to form an infinity symbol.

3) Tribal Style Dolphin On Foot Tattoo.

Dolphin On Foot Tattoo
Tribal Style Foot Tattoo (Courtesy:

Two tribal style dolphins in a foot tattoo design for men or women.

4) Killer Whale Half Sleeve.

Killer Whale Half Sleeve
Killer Whale Half Sleeve (Courtesy:

Vivid killer whale half sleeve body art.

5) Tribal Abstract Dolphin Tattoo.

Tribal Dolphin
Tribal Abstract Dolphin Tattoo.

Minimalist tribal tattoo in just two colors but with interesting detailing.

6) Breaching Dolphin.

Belly Button Dolphin Tattoo
Breaching Dolphin. (Courtesy:

Beautiful, 3-tone blue dolphin belly button tattoo.

7) Watercolor Forearm Tattoo.

Watercolor body art
Watercolor Forearm Dolphin Tattoo by Akash Chandani, Bhopal, India.

Fierce-looking, little dolphin in watercolor paint splatter design.

8) Underwater Scene Back Tattoo.

Bold Back Tattoo: Dolphin Tattoos
Underwater Scene Back Tattoo.(Courtesy:

Throw in a few other sea creatures to create an interesting underwater scene with this tattoo idea.

9) Dolphin And Anchor Body Art.

Dolphin Anchor
Dolphin And Anchor Body Art. (Courtesy: YouQueen Magazine)

Another captivating dolphin forearm art showing a dolphin and an anchor.

10) Tough Guy.

The Tough Guy: Dolphin Tattoos
Tough Guy. (Courtesy:

For those who like their body art a bit more rough and tough.

11) Hibiscus And Dolphin Tattoo.

Jumping Dolphin Tattoo
Hibiscus And Dolphin Tattoo. (Courtesy: Top World Tattoo on Pinterest)

A lone dolphin makes a huge splash with some beautiful yellow hibiscus.

12) Sweet Dolphin And Rose.

Swimming Dolphin And Rose Tattoo
Sweet Dolphin And Rose. (Courtesy:

Simplistic but eye-catching dolphin dragging a single rose stalk in its mouth.

13) Solidarity Tattoo.

Dolphin Unity Tattoos
Solidarity Tattoo. (Courtesy:

“Your battle is our battle” solidarity tattoo.

14) Tropical Fish And Dolphins.

Half Sleeve Dolphin Art
Half Sleeve Tropical Fish And Dolphin Design

Realistic scene with sunlight, tropical fish, and dolphins swimming near corals.

15) Sparkling Space Dolphin Tattoo.

Space Dolphin
Sparkling Space Dolphin Tattoo. (Courtesy: Inkspiration on Pinterest)

Small but magnificent cosmic space dolphin tattoo: with sparkles too!

16) Dolphins And Sea Turtle Underwater.

Dolphin And Turtle
Dolphin And Sea Turtle

Colorful dolphins and sea turtle underwater tattoo with a nice blend of different colors.

17) Foot Dolphin Art.

Foot Dolphin Tattoo
Foot Dolphin Art. (

Dolphins and flowers always seem to make a unique combination: just like this foot tattoo.

18) Dolphin Treasure Hunt.

Dolphins and Treasure Chest
Dolphin Treasure Hunt. (Courtesy: elflacotattoo_ibiza on Instagram)
Black and grey tattoo showing a pair of happy dolphins above a treasure chest.
You can bet they are smiling about the tonnes of fish they’ll be buying with that find.


19) Full Sleeve Underwater Scene.

Full Sleeve Dolphin Tattoo
Full Sleeve Underwater Scene.

One of the things that makes this tattoo so interesting is the contrast of the soft blue and gray colors with the sharper orange, yellow and black.

20) Mermaid And Killer Whale.

Dolphin Orca And Mermaid
Mermaid And Killer Whale. (

A mermaid and a killer whale in the same tattoo! Do we really have to say anything more? Awesome.

21) Orca (Killer Whale) Watercolor.

Killer Whale Watercolor
Orca (Killer Whale) Watercolor (Courtesy: kerste_tattoos)

An orca leaving a trail of color behind.

22) Breaching Dolphins And Waves.


Breaching Dolphins
Breaching Dolphins And Waves. (

Frolicking dolphins surrounded by colorful waves.

23) 3D Dolphin Tattoo

3D Dolphin Tattoo
3D Dolphin Tattoo (Courtesy:

Realistic 3D tattoo. You can even see the bubbles in the water around the dolphins.

24) Dolphin Heart.

Circling Heart Dolphins
Circling Heart Dolphins. (Courtesy:Tattoo Swag)

Simple and sweet cartoon dolphin heart design.

25) Dolphin And Fish Art.

Dolphin Underwater Scene
Dolphin And Fish Tattoo (By Lisa Murphy @

Another intricate ocean theme fish and dolphin idea for your next (or first) body art.


Interestingly, there are so many variations you could even come up with each of tattoo ideas above. All you need is some creativity and a skillful tattoo artist, of course.

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