We Love Dolphins

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Welcome to our first giveaway to help spread awareness about saving the Dolphins. For our first giveaway we are going to giveaway 3 lucky winners an Amazon gift card.

First place will get $30, second place $20 and third place $10.

We love Dolphins Multiple Winners Giveaway

It’s 100% free to enter this giveaway and there is no purchase necessary.

We Love Dolphins


  1. What a great incentive to have this blog and Facebook page for the Giveaway,andsave the dolphins in the process.Thank you

  2. We love dolphins! Our daughter’s dream was to swim with the dolphins. 🐬
    When we went on a family vacation to Florida, she did exactly that! She still brings it up now and then 😍

  3. Today was my mother’s birthday 🥳 She liked dolphins 🐬 a lot. So today is bittersweet to mention her and think of her memory of liking dolphins 🐬 Thank you for the opportunity!!

  4. Thanks for hosting the contest guys haven’t had a win in a while and I’ve a few things on my amazon wish list I would love to spend this on so good luck every one 🙂

  5. My grandkids would go absolutely wild if they ever got a dolphin 🐬 of the own! I could never keep a dolphin in captivity!

  6. Why did two more days get added on?? And more? Because on September 22nd, I wrote just two more days back then until this was over! I don’t think this is fair changing the rules near the end!! The prize amount was not made higher. I am learning some things, but fair is fair 🤨

  7. Of course, I want to support the dolphins 🐬 BUT not if days are being added on constantly. to this contest. Today it says 5 more days. See ya tomorrow 🥳

  8. Good evening everyone! I hope everyone has had a great day! I really hope these dolphins are okay and are getting help! Some animals have contracted Covid. I hope the dolphins and sea creatures can’t!

  9. The link provided for following the WeLoveDolphins facebook group is actually a link for the welovewolves . Can you provide the dolphin group link or is it supposed to be for the wolves group?

  10. Good luck to everyone. Amazon is a great place to shop especially for the holidays!
    But what can you buy a dolphin? That would be so cool!

  11. I just read about the dolphin that was swimming around some of the streets that were flooded around Louisiana, because of the hurricane! I pray 🙏 the dolphin and the residents are safe and out of danger!! 🙏

    1. Hey Sue, all the winners have been emailed. I also updated this blog post with a picture that shows all the winners.

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