Best Dolphin Documentaries of All Times

Dolphin documentaries are one of the best ways to learn about these friendly-looking mammals that appear like they are smiling all the time.  Documentaries are a great way to learn fascinating facts that will stay with your for life. When it comes to learning new facts, adults and kids both benefit from documentaries. These days there are plenty of documentaries on a wide range of subjects, including dolphins.

Best Dolphin Documentaries

From Netflix and Amazon Prime to Disney+, the variety of dolphin movies available is endless. Below is a list of some of the best dolphin documentaries that we recommend.

Dolphin Reef – This beautiful documentary follows a bottlenose dolphin named Echo. We get to see Echo learn to survive in the vast ocean with his mom Kumu. 

The Cove – In this 2009 documentary we look at Richard O’Barry former life as a dolphin trainer. His focus today is to keep dolphins and cetaceans from captivity. We want our wildlife to be just that, wild and free in their natural habitat. Even though the conditions in captivity have improved a bit, dolphins should never have to be captured.

Blackfish – This is a 2013 documentary focusing on the SeaWorld orca named Tilikum. The movie focuses on the treatment of killer whales in captivity and the three human lives lost by Tilikum. If you are against whales in captivity, this is the documentary for you.

Diving with Dolphins – It took three years for the divers and filmmakers to finish this documentary. The movie sheds light on the fascinating community that live in our oceans.  In this film you will also learn about bottlenose dolphin rituals and synchronized swimming. In addition, you’ll learn about their hunting strategies. 

A Plastic Ocean – If you thought that you knew everything there was to know about what our waste does to ocean life, think again. This documentary opens your eyes to the world we’ve created and how it has impacted our marine life. 

Dolphin Documentaries

These are just a few of the best dolphin documentaries that focus of the various cetaceans. In conclusion, whether you love dolphins or want to learn more about these fascinating creatures, these documentaries will open your eyes.

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  1. I’m not sure humans understand Dolphins; they are clearly intelligent but humans tend to think ‘they are intelligent like us therefore they think like us’. A lot more research is needed to work out how they really think.

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