Luna’s Marathon at Wallkill Valley Rail Trail

If you’ve never walked on any of the sections of the Wallkill Valley rail trail and you’re in NY, why not? Luna the dolphin went for a walk here on Halloween and you missed your chance at seeing her. While it was raining at dawn when we started walking, it didn’t stop us from walking the trail. We were determined to do at least a marathon with Luna by my side.

The Wallkill Valley rail trail is 22 mile long and goes from Gardiner New York to Kingston. With Luna, we started from New Paltz and finished at Kingston which is around 14 miles. It was a beautiful hike and the weather improved with a splendid little rainbow and sunshine for the rest of the walk. One thing we did regret it not showing Luna more sights like the historic Huguenot Street.

Luna the dolphin did get to enjoy other things in the area such as the Rosendale trestle. Back in the days the trail used to go over this 940 foot truss bridge. The bridge opened in 1872 and closed for trains in 1977. In 2013 the rebuilt trestle reopened again to the public where walkers and bikers could enjoy it. Inflatable dolphins can also enjoy the trestle. Another historic thing that Luna got to see was the remains of the Lawrence Cement Company structure.

While Luna did not get to enjoy pizza at the Rail Trail Cafe, she still ended up having pizza from Village Pizza. After her 28 mile walk through Wallkill Valley rail trail the pizza was a nice reward.

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