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Dolphins Spotted in River Ouse

Since January 24th, there have been dolphins spotted in River Ouse. According to the public and the British Divers Marine Life Rescue, there are three dolphins, two adults and one calf. The family has been spotted a few times now, with growing onlookers.

While it is not uncommon to see dolphins near east Yorkshire, the dolphins are almost 50 miles away from the ocean. With the growing attention of the public, this can drive the dolphin family even further away. Another thing that can happen is that the dolphins don’t return to the ocean. This is where their food source is in abundance.

The main job of the coastguards and marine rescue team is to keep the public away from the dolphins spotted in River Ouse. We do not want to spook the dolphins and lead them away from their food source.

On Tuesday, the coastguards reported not seeing the dolphins and hope that they returned safely to the ocean. This isn’t always the case for dolphins. On January 22nd, the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) was alerted about a stranded harbour porpoise. When the team arrived at the scene, the animal was pushed back into the water. Later, it was found dead, probably from drowning.

It is crucial that when you see a dolphin or any other cetacean that you do not touch it or push it back in the ocean. When an animal is found in shallow waters or offshore, it usually means that it needs help. Pushing it back in the ocean might seem like the right thing to do but if the animal is sick, it will die. The bottlenose dolphins spotted in River Ouse are lucky and should be left alone by the public.

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