luna at rainbow falls

Luna Visits Rainbow Falls in Minnewaska State Park

If you want to make an inflatable dolphin happy, take it somewhere it can play in the water. Luna the dolphin went to Minnewaska State park preserve to complete a 101 miles challenge with us as her guides. In this park, you’ll find plenty of waterfalls and streams, as well as beautiful views of the mountains and fall foliage. There are plenty of different trails for various hiking, walking and biking levels as well. If you love nature or want to see fall peaks, this is a great park to do it. Luna’s mission was to see Rainbow Falls and hike at least ten miles.

luna with waterfall

Back to Luna the dolphin, she took a number of different trails to complete a little over twelve mile loop. She followed the Jenny Lane trail which is part of the Shawangunk Ridge Trail. There was a small waterfall on this trail which Luna got to swim in. This trail also goes straight to Rainbow Falls, which was spectacular. The water was gushing and splashing all over Luna, but she didn’t mind at all. While there were no rainbows at the waterfall, Luna still enjoyed the views. It was very wet here so be sure to wear the proper gear if visiting. Luna recommends waterproof shoes and a rain coat or jacket.

After Rainbow Falls, we walked the carriage road to the Lake Awosting. Here, you will be able to walk all the way around the lake and admire the foliage and splendid views. After completing a circle around the lake Lower Awosting carriage trail we continued back towards the parking lot. If you’re up for more miles, you can see Awosting Falls as well but Luna didn’t have time for this. At the parking lot, there is another trail that takes you across the street. Down the trail we went and a mile or so in, we were back to our car. Luna was excited to be back in the car and will forever remember hiking in Minnewaska State Park to see Rainbow Falls.

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