buttermilk falls

Luna Visits Buttermilk Falls

Dolphins love to be in the water, preferably with no human trash and plastic in it. While they can hold their breath for up to twenty minutes, they still come out to the surface for air. Luna the dolphin is inflatable so she doesn’t have to worry about that. She also loves to swim on the surface. Today, we decided it was time to take her to Buttermilk Falls, where Nibbles visited as well. Once out of the car, she couldn’t wait to go down the fulsome waterfall. You could hear it from the road and see bits of white in between the trees.

Hidden Mines

Looking at the waterfall you would never know that it was a mine before. Under this massive structure a hidden cave lives. This area is known for the various mines that surround it. The mine under the Buttermilk Falls is one of many in this and surrounding areas. Not too long ago, people used to mine these areas for lead and quartz. People who know this and hike here, have tried their luck at finding crystals and other quartz.

Since it was very cold and windy, Luna did not get a chance to go inside. We’ve stepped inside before and it is a bit daunting and very dark. So if you want to venture into the mine, don’t. But if you still do, make sure you come prepared with proper gear and adequate lighting. It’s wet, dark, and very spooky.

Luna the dolphin still had a great time going down the long waterfall at Buttermilk falls. She did get stuck, not once but twice, and had to be rescued but she didn’t mind. After going the waterfall and not being able to enter the mine, she swam down the path to our car. Oh, if we were all inflatable dolphins, what fun we would have!

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