luna at joppenberg

Luna visits Joppenbergh Mountain

Luna went back to Rosendale, this time climbing the Joppenbergh mountain. This 500 foot mountains has the perfect overview of the Rosendale trestle, you just have to make it up there. For Luna, this was easy peasy since she wasn’t climbing anything. The 1.4 mile loop trail was fun and can be taken two ways. We went left where the trail intersects and follower the uphill path. 

History of Rosendale Mountain

Did you know that in Joppenbergh mountain is named after the founder of Rosendale, Colonel Jacob Rutsen, born Jacobsen Rutger van Schoonderwoerdt? Well, now you do. Over the years the mountain has gained a number of names including Jacob’s Nose and Jacob’s Mount. Whatever you want to call it, it’s worth the short walk to see the trestle and town. 

In 1825 while working of the D&H canal, it was discovered that the area was rich in dolomite which is used for cement production. This lead to mining of the mountain and surrounding area by various cement companies. On December 19, 1899 there was a cave in which caused frequent rock falls afterwords. In 1907 mining was stopped at Joppenberg mountain. 

In 1930s the mountain was used again, this time for 40 meter ski jumps. The event was such a success in the winter that they repeated it in the summer. This time instead of snow, skiers were skiing down borax into a mountain of carpets and mats covered in straw. The skiing competitions continued throughout the years but stopped during WWII. 

Skiing at Joppenbergh mountain resumed again in 1960s but ceased in 1971. After that, it took a few years for Wallkill Valley Land Trust to get the land. Since 2012, it has been protected and used for the overview as well as seasonal hunting. If you’re like Luna the dolphin and don’t like to hike a lot, this mountain is perfect for you! The 1.4 mile loop will provide you with a little cardio and amazing views. Afterwords, you can go and walk the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail.

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