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Luna Visits Stony Kill Falls in Minnewaska Park

Today, Luna the dolphin went on a beautiful but concise walk to Stony Kill Falls. This waterfall is one of six waterfalls that you will find in Minnewaska State Park Preserve. Luna also went to Rainbow falls in this Park. Another popular waterfall you will see at Minnewaska is Awosting Falls. You can also hike all the way to Verkeerder Kill Falls from the park. If you don’t want a long hike, do what Luna did and visit Stony Kill waterfall instead.

Stony Kill falls is an 87-foot drop fall in Wawarsing, New York. When driving to the parking lot, you will see signs that warn people from parking on the side of the road. Please respect the people and keep following Google maps to the new parking spot. When we arrived at the parking, we were the first ones there. Please note that the parking lot opens at 9 am, according to the sign. We were there a few minutes after nine. After parking, we walked the short trail into the woods. The closer you get to the woods, the louder the waterfall gets.

Once at the bridge, Luna stopped in awe to admire the views. There was still some snow under the Once at the bridge, Luna stopped in awe to admire the views. There was still some snow under the waterfall, shocking to see. After taking some pictures by the bridge, we continued on the trail, up the rocky stairs. Up the stairs is another lookout for the waterfall. We enjoyed a lovely break here and a photo-op with Luna. The rock-stairs continued, but the path to the trail was closed. Perhaps, the next time Luna visits, it will be open. The course connects to other Minnewaska park trails, or you can go to Witch’s Hole State Forest and different routes. To know the entire map connection and paths, download the Avenza app and look up the Minnewaska State Park Preserve Trail Map map.

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