woman ride a dolphin

Topless Woman Tries to Ride a Dolphin

A video is spreading like wild fire of a topless woman trying to ride a dolphin. The incident happened in Zandvoort, west of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. The topless woman in the Netherlands has since handed herself to the authorities. Police will be investigating to see whether she committed a crime. For all of us animal lovers, the answer is clear that she did.

In the short thirty-second video clip, a dolphin is swimming close to the excited swimmers. The woman decides it’s the perfect time to try and ride the dolphin. The bystanders cheer her on as the woman attempts to mount the mammal. After falling off the first time, two men approach her and tell her it’s not okay. They wave their hands at her to get off the dolphin. The woman laughs it off and tries to ride the dolphin again, falling off. As the two men and one woman approach her, the woman still has her hand on the dolphin’s dorsal fin, and the video ends.

Rescue organization SOS Dolfijn stated that it was “very disturbing” to see a dolphin in shallow waters. Annemarie van den Berg also said that dolphins are used to deeper waters and should not be in the North Sea. Dolphins are either lost, sick, or both, when swimming close to shore. It would be best to never ride a dolphin, as this is dangerous and inhumane. The dolphin could have easily bit her with its sharp teeth. Hopefully, the topless woman learned a lesson and will never ride a dolphin again!

What do you think the punishment should be?

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