orca whale killing a great white

Video Of Orca Whales Killing a Great White

Shark Week is in full effect and on Thursday night you can watch orca whales killing a great white in South Africa. For years we’ve seen washed up white sharks on shores and now we know exactly what happens. These sharks would be missing livers and hearts, leading to only one suspect, orca whales. While scientists have known this fact, there was no evidence to support it. Until now.

Shark Week Killer Whale Footage

The small drone footage is a sneak peek into Thursday night’s episode of Shark HouseThis video is incredible, as we get to witness a pack of killer whales killing a great white. In the clip, the drone zooms into the orca whales as they swim. Between two whales another one emerges from the water, bring with it a shark. It then proceeds to bite the shark and drag it back into the water. Another whale follows it and takes the shark next. As the drone zooms out, we are left staring off into the bottom right of the screen, at the murky, disturbed water. 

For years, researchers have been looking into the shark migration and disappearance in South Africa. They have associated the shark migration to orcas but now they have tangible evidence. Sharks are fleeing from their usual habitats, in fear of being killed by orcas. While the great white shark might be an apex predator, it has its own predators to worry about. The orcas! 

Great white sharks are being hunted for their rich liver and hearts. The oil in their organ is like gas for our cars. It provides plenty of energy for the killer whales, and they can’t get enough. So the next time you see a great white swimming at your beach, let it be. It’s just trying to live its best life, away from killer orcas, for as long a it can.

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