Luna Helps Support NYNJTC by Cleaning Trails

If you’ve ever hiked in New York, then you need to go ahead and support NYNJTC too! Since 1920 they have been helping to create and maintain trails that we love and use. Today, Luna went to Hanging Rock Falls to help make a little dent in the amount of trash that has accumulated there over the years.

Hanging Rock Falls is a great place to go to see a continuous waterfall. Since the waterfall is so close to the road, it has also become a dumping ground for many. As you walk down the path to the waterfall you will see a wooden plaque that says to keep the place clean. Luna took this seriously and went to work.

After seeing the waterfall and eating a slice or two of Stewart’s pizza, she went to work. Just around the waterfall trail we filled a clear bag full of beer cans, bottles and other plastics. Under one rock there was even a charcoal starter liquid bottle, almost full to the top. No one needs this in the woods where it can be used to easily start a wild fire! Luna was very proud of herself for finding this bottle and getting rid of it.

After cleaning around the waterfall, she went back up the trail and cleaned the parking area. Behind the parking area is a giant mountain of trash that has been accumulating for years. Luna could not clean this all by herself. This is where supporting NYNJTC comes in handy. They can organize a large group to come together and remove more garbage.

Keep Our Trails Clean

While Luna barely made a dent in the large amounts of garbage located at the Hanging Rock Falls parking lot, she still did good. She came out with a broken microwave, metal junk, and two large garbage bags full of glass and plastic.

If you want to support NYNJTC like Luna, you can donate to the cause. Other ways you can help is by becoming a volunteer, promoting the trails, or purchasing items from their shop.

We have one Earth and while we can jump in a space shuttle and launch into the sky looking for another, we won’t find one like this. Why not do our part and keep the land and oceans clean so that not only wildlife can enjoy it but future generations? Luna is very passionate about our planet as she loves to swim in clean water, not dirty, like her dolphin friends. So, let’s all do our part and help change the outcome of our future. Let’s keep our trash out of our trails and oceans!

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