Luna the Dolphin goes to Mongaup Waterfall

You voted and the results are in! Luna the dolphin is here and ready to explore New York! Her first stop after riding Hawk250 is the Monguap falls in Forestburgh. A lot of people have gone to Mongaup Reservoir, never knowing that there is a magical waterfall under their noses. Luna has some great tour guides and was able to enjoy this hidden fall.

After parking and putting on some ponchos, we took Luna for a short walk on the rocky path. You have to be really confident or really careful when walking on this wet surface. It’s very easy to slip and fall and not want to get up. Once on the edge, Luna the dolphin was released to do her thing, which is swimming, of course. She went down the Mongaup waterfall and swam in the water waiting for her beneath.

After jumping back and forth a few times in the water, she went back up the waterfall. This time her fall into the water wasn’t as smooth as the first time but she didn’t mind it. Luna the inflatable dolphin came out strong and showed us how good of a swimmer she really is. Dolphins are incredibly strong swimmers so we should never have doubted her.

Overall, Luna had a blast and can’t wait to check out more waterfalls and New York fall views. At Mongaup waterfall you’ll see beautiful views of the state land and the changing foliage. You can also go fishing at the reservoir and catch brown trout, largemouth bass, bluegill and other fish. Be sure to have your fishing license. We hoped Luna would catch some for us but she wasn’t in the mood. She just wanted to swim and splash us with her happy tail.

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